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There where highs and lows, winner and not so winners but thanks to everyone for coming!!!
The results are under that tab and winners have been put on the trophy holders page on the website

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The Weekend has started early with the Melges 24 having four windward/leeward races between Pye End and Outer Ridge, early to bed for them and they look forward to all the yachts joining them in the bay.
Wow! Managed to make the site look more like 2017. All information is updated and the latest to hand, please browse to learn the timings etc.
Its great to be getting entries from the Combined Clubs Series, the more the merrier!
Got the 2017 Header ready but they have changed wordpress and I just can not find how to get it on the site!?!? Its in the media bit but no edit available on the complete site, only pages. Damm
Free entry (and no forms) for Haven Series entrants this year!
Still struggling to change the header pictures that mention 2016 when would love it to say 2017 which indeed it is now! Let alone the fact that the event is on 15th/16th July!!
The Notice of Race is on the Racing/Documents page
Entry will be open early in June and the SI’s will be updated 2017 in mid June
We are in the process of
getting the site up to date for 2017
First will be the Notice of Race
Note: Must change the header picture to 2017!
The “Drains are Up!”
If you have and positive contribution on this
year and the way forward please email the team on:
This may also be in the context of the general decline
in turnouts of late throughout racing – many thanks in advance.
1st Cruiser: First Kiss – Stuart Howells SSC
1st IRC 2: Katla – Ian Pavey SSC
1st IRC1 – David Pinner HPYC
You came: You sailed:You conquered!
Well done to ALL who still want to race yachts on the East Coast
The results are in ……..
The Melges have done 5 races today (results on results page) and had a great time
They look forward to seeing the Cruisers and IRC boats in the morning
Amendment 1 (Schedule) has been issued under Racing/Amendments
The 2016 Sailing Instructions are on the website
Both the 2016 Notice of Race and Entry Form are on the website
Hot Lips Wins IRC East Coast Champs
Blue Beeste wins IRC 2
Rafiki wins IRC 3
Katla Wins Cruisers
Amendment 2 Published
Entry exceeds 2014
Have a great Regatta
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Entry list as of 25th June is Published
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All the Racing Documents have been published
Enter before 13th June for discounted entry fee
And FREE Berthing
Notice of Regatta has been published
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Welcome to the 2015 Felixstowe Regatta.
Incorporating the
Spinlock IRC East Coast Championships.
This Year’s Regatta date –
July 11th & 12th 2015
2014 Photos Published
BDVohfHRhx2pADgDGgMnNwY202a-VXYmh5p0T5d2Ey8GTU9GDH7g6rX6p9wsFSqNyLPGb6YLRk1-oxHC6_FE60e3jQwRtu5DVVi3naYBgn_6IKq3QBKzvgxxgLdIbp4eoZCu2h-8Tk1oV60HEDWfD48Ve2IyhUJpAZ8bi1vM1SZoKiss wins IRC…….Katla wins Cruisermore photos posted soon…….Beeste 3/7/14
Amendment 1 has been published
Class splits and committee boat ID
find under Racing / Amendments
Dinning at the Regatta

Full menu and catering arrangements
find under Shoreside / Food
Yachtsman’s Dinner £10
Crew Burgers £4
Toilet Code – 36258
Please give to your crew
Entry list as of 24th June published – Click ‘Racing”
No IRC certificate? – We accept Limited Validity Certs.
Available from RORC Rating – from £20
Social and Racing program published
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Sailing Instructions and Notice of Regatta are published
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Please enter using our entry form
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30 days to go
Welcome to the 2014 Regatta
The Notice of Regatta has been published.
2014 Regatta Info Coming Soon
Kiss wins IRC overall 2013 Regatta
Kiss 2013First Kiss Wins Cruiser Class.Cruiser start SundayCruiser start on Sunday.
First Kiss winning the start (to windward of Juniper of Ore).Thank you to all the competitors for making the regatta a great success.11/7/13
Dinner Menus for Saturday Night published (click for details)
– Yachtmans Dinner
– Crew Burgers8/7/13
Spinlock IRC Limited Validity (LV) TCCFor 2013 Felixstowe Regatta will accept LV TCCs, and we hope that if you do not wish or need to get a full Spinlock IRC certificate, the option of racing with an LV TCC at a reduced cost will encourage your participation in this event.The Limited Validity TCC is an initiative by the RORC Rating Office for 2013 for occasional IRC racers. If you are thinking of doing just one or two IRC events this year then the Spinlock IRC LV TCC may be for you. Please have a look at the introduction on the RORC Rating website to see whether it would fit your racing plans:
Current entries published
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Crew Section added to Website
Sailing Instructions and Entry Forms have been published

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Discounted entry fee available until 14th June
The Notice of Regatta has been published.
Regatta Programme published. Full programme can be found under ‘The Regatta’ in the menu bar
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The plans for this years regatta are being finalised and will be published soon.
2010 Start
The Felixstowe Regatta Team hope you all have a great Start to 2013

The regatta has a new website. The power of the web has taken over from the old book. All regatta information and documentation will only be available from our new ‘easy to use’ website.
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If you get stuck please email for assistance.